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At Insite Radiology, we offer next-generation prostate cancer testing, called “high-resolution multi-parametric MRI.” A needle biopsy has long been the standard way to detect the presence of prostate cancer, but carries with it the risk of pain, infection, and limited accuracy when cancers are small. 

The traditional biopsy method can easily miss smaller prostate tumors. Taking more samples can improve accuracy but more needles mean the potential for more pain and a higher rate of infection. In recent years, MRI technology has advanced, with a system now able to accurately diagnose many prostate cancers without a biopsy and to guide a targeted biopsy when one is necessary. We offer this advanced open MRI at Insite Radiology.

Benefits of multi-parametric high-resolution MRI of the prostate

The benefits of this state-of-the-art diagnostic test include:

  • Painless
  • Fast
  • Easy to experience
  • Extremely accurate and detailed 
  • Measures tumor volume
  • Identifies tumor location accurately
  • Determines spread of cancer 
Insite Radiology

How does multi-parametric high-resolution MRI testing work?

The process involves the use of 3T MRI imaging to look for potential cancers. The method can reveal the size and location of potential cancers and accurately determine how likely they are to be dangerous. For many men, this study can determine the presence or absence of cancer without the need for a needle biopsy—and for those who still need a biopsy, the MRI can be used to precisely target the area in question.

This approach has proved to be a scientific breakthrough in the detection and treatment of prostate cancer, allowing for detailed visualization of the prostate gland, which is not possible with lower strength MRI and ultrasound alone. This highly specialized study requires highly specialized technology and expertise; the kind of expertise and technology you will find here at Insite Radiology.

Surveillance or treatment? This test provides answers.

Many prostate cancers require only regular monitoring. Low-grade, slow-growing cancers do not pose a health risk for many, many years. Other faster-growing prostate cancers require immediate treatment. The lack of complete information provided by the traditional combination of PSA testing and a biopsy may result in unnecessary types of treatments and side effects that could have been avoided. This state-of-the-art diagnostic tool has brought prostate cancer testing to the next level of accuracy, saving countless men from undergoing unnecessary treatments or overly invasive biopsy testing. 

What is the testing experience?

The testing procedure, rather than being the grueling, uncomfortable experience of older testing methods, is far easier on you, the patient. Before the scan, a contrast dye is administered through an IV. Once that is complete, the scan is initiated, which is entirely painless. During the scan, you will be lying comfortably on the testing bed while the device moves through the image taking sequence. This testing procedure is a far cry from older methods that were uncomfortable, unpleasant, and difficult to experience. Should your tests detect the presence of cancer, a targeted biopsy can be performed with accuracy.

Why choose Insite Radiology?

Men have suffered through various unpleasant scenarios when prostate cancer is suspected. At Insite Radiology, we are committed to performing next-generation cancer screening for our patients, allowing them to avoid unnecessary treatments and side effects, or detect cancers that may be missed with traditional testing. Our newly-built, private facility in St. Johns Town Center, Jacksonville, was established to offer a new approach to prostate cancer screening, with a process that is fast, comfortable, and private. Our radiologists have exceptional skills, and you will not need to wait for days for an assessment of your condition. 


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