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Insite Radiology at the St. Johns Town Center was designed from the ground up to provide an extraordinary level of service and quality. Testing is performed with the most advanced, state-of-the-art equipment. Our medical imaging center, specializing in MRI testing, elevates every aspect of undergoing an MRI.

Fellowship-Trained Medical Doctors

Our entire team of radiologists is fellowship-trained and offers an exceptional level of skill and knowledge. Our doctors have each been trained at elite institutions, including Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, the Hospital for Special Surgery, and NYU, and have a fresh perspective on the practice of radiology, where a mastery of new technology and evolving imaging techniques is critical to providing the best care.

Rather than the standard, unpleasant experience of undergoing an MRI, every aspect of testing was built to provide a superior level of patient comfort. Our center is physician-owned and operated, with local medical doctors available and on-site, to ensure a safe, private, and pleasant experience.

A fresh perspective: Privacy, luxury, and state-of-the-art imaging tests in St. John’s Town Center

Rather than dreading undergoing an MRI arthrogram or prostate MRI with older, heavily-used equipment that is past its prime, our imaging tests are performed with state-of-the-art, advanced equipment that is above and beyond what is considered the industry standard.

Our tests are ultra-rapid, for greater comfort – a significant advantage for those who feel claustrophobic when undergoing an imaging test – and performed by physicians who have the expertise to get you off the table and on your way as quickly and comfortably as possible.

MRI in Jacksonville, FL: Insite Radiology

Insite Radiology was built in a new development adjacent to the St. Johns Town Center, the epicenter of culture and retail in Jacksonville. The facility is gorgeous, with every detail in place to provide a superior patient experience. Our doctors are present and engaged, and our patients can expect that their testing will be performed by the doctors they know – no substitutions or last-minute changes.

At our private imaging center, we perform various imaging tests, including:

  • Knee MRI
  • Shoulder MRI
  • MRI prostate imaging
  • Arthrograms
  • Orthopedic imaging
  • Brain imaging
  • Spine imaging
  • Breast imaging
  • Ultrasound

Cloud-based technology

Our technology includes an advanced cloud-based system, allowing images and medical records to be available at the touch of an iPhone or other digital device.

At Insite Radiology, we have re-invented outpatient radiology in Florida by adopting new equipment and technologies, with testing performed by medical doctors who are at the top in their fields of practice. Our approach to medical imaging makes the difference between decent work and a truly extraordinary practice.

Why choose Insite Radiology in Jacksonville, FL?

At Insite Radiology, we offer an array of benefits for both patients and their medical providers. The facility is bright, modern, and comfortable, and built to provide an outstanding patient experience. Our advanced technology and equipment, along with the outstanding skills of our team of fellowship-trained physicians, make Insite Radiology the ideal center for medical imaging tests in Jacksonville, FL.

Insite Radiology

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