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A mammogram detects the early signs of breast cancer and should be performed on a regular schedule, as directed by your medical doctor. These tests continue to be the most effective method for detecting cancer in the earliest stages. 

If your doctor has ordered a mammogram, at Insite Radiology in Jacksonville, the test can be performed with an advanced 3D imaging system. Our state-of-the-art equipment is capable of producing a set of detailed images of the breast from different angles. Rather than just a single image of the breast tissues from a  traditional mammogram, our system captures a series of images of the entire breast structure with a far higher level of accuracy. 

How does breast imaging work at Insite Radiology?

As with older mammography systems, the images are produced with X-ray technology. A robotic arm moves over the breast, taking a series of images. The result is an accurate 3D rendering of the entire breast structure. For women who are at higher risk of breast cancer, or who have more dense breast tissue, this system far outperforms traditional mammograms.

Younger women and women on HRT often have more dense breast tissue. A traditional mammogram may make it more difficult to identify abnormalities. Our advanced 3D imaging system makes it possible to more thoroughly evaluate the condition of the breast and any developing problems. Contact our office today for breast imaging today!

Insite Radiology

Board-certified radiologist for breast cancer screening

Our advanced 3D imaging system can reveal anomalies in the breast tissue, including:

  • Breast lumps
  • Micro-calcifications
  • Cysts
  • Fibroadenomas (benign breast tumor)

What is a mammogram like to experience?

The experience is similar to a traditional mammogram, but at Insite Radiology, we are committed to ensuring the highest level of patient comfort and privacy. Our gorgeous private facility was established to provide the latest technological advances in imaging, along with exceptional comfort, discretion, and care. The breast is placed between two plates, as with a traditional mammogram. The robotic arm then moves over the breast, taking a series of X-ray images. Each image requires only a few seconds, with the entire procedure completed in ten to twenty minutes. 

Why choose Insite Radiology for a mammogram?

At Insite Radiology, we have taken a fresh perspective on imaging tests by adopting new technologies, with a team of radiologists that are fellowship-trained at elite institutions, including Harvard, Mayo Clinic, and Johns Hopkins. The mammogram will be performed in our elegant, architecturally-inspired facility in St. Johns Town Center in Jacksonville. 

3D breast imaging 

Breast imaging with our technology produce between 200 to 300 images of the breast tissue, rather than the two images produces with traditional systems. This system offers excellent benefits for all patients requiring breast imaging tests, avoiding the need for multiple tests due to false positives or the inability to read the images due to dense breast tissue.

Unfortunately, with the traditional systems, about one in ten women are recalled for another test. Women with the BRCA 1 or BRCA 2 gene mutation of a family history of breast cancer or with dense breast tissue should undergo a breast screening as early as age 30. 

Advanced breast imaging technology at Insite Radiology

If a mammogram is needed, it makes sense to take advantage of the latest developments in imaging technology. Our advanced, 3D breast imaging system makes it possible to detect some breast cancers that could not be identified with a traditional system, as well as reducing false positives or the need to return for another test. This system produces about the same amount of radiation as a conventional mammogram. 

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