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Prostate testing is a necessary step in diagnosing and treating prostate cancer. In the past, testing procedures put men through a challenging and often harrowing experience. At Insite Radiology, our goal is to assist men and their doctors in identifying prostate cancer with the highest level of accuracy and to assist in the biopsy process with the use of 3D custom MRI guidance.

High-resolution 3D MRI biopsy guidance

Our 3D imaging system produces high-resolution prostate scans, allowing for a super-accurate, targeted biopsy. Our team of radiologists at Insite believes that men deserve the support of the latest advances in technology if a biopsy is necessary. With MRI guidance, a biopsy can be performed in the most conservative method, sparing tissues and posing a lower risk of life-changing side effects.

Cutting-edge prostate cancer imaging

The first step in treating prostate cancer is high-resolution 3T MRI. If a tissue anomaly that may be cancer is detected, the physicians at Insite Radiology use Dynacad software to convert two-dimensional MRI images into a three-dimensional map of the prostate, with the location and shape of possible cancer marked down to the millimeter. The 3D map is used as guidance to precisely target the tissues during a biopsy. This method vastly improves the precision over older “blind” or templated approaches, and can help men avoid multiple biopsies in many cases.

Insite Radiology

The images below are from an actual patient who underwent a 3D fusion guided biopsy. The pink outline is the exterior of the prostate, the yellow and white structures are the suspected cancers, and the yellow tube is the biopsy needle track

Why choose Insite Radiology?

At Insite Radiology, we provide our male patients with state-of-the-art equipment, more comfortable and refined testing, and the ability to take advantage of the latest developments in technology. We believe men deserve better than being forced to endure repeat biopsies. The technology exists, and we have equipped our imaging center with state-of-the-art 3D prostate imaging system, for a high level of accuracy in detecting tissue abnormalities.

What men deserve: The gold standard.

A high-definition, 3D prostate MRI can assist patients in avoiding multiple biopsies and can identify specific anatomic targets when a repeat biopsy is necessary. With the assistance of the imaging technology at our private luxury testing center, a prostate biopsy can be directed to areas of tissue with abnormalities with ultra-accurate image guidance.

Success in treating prostate cancer is based on early detection. With the majority of prostate biopsies performed “blind,” a negative result may require repeat biopsies, which may even then miss the areas of cancer, leading to a false negative. At Insite Radiology, we offer the gold standard of testing techniques and technologies to help men live happier, healthier lives.


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