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X-rays are a standard imaging test and are safe, fast, and painless. X-ray technology produces images of your inner body structures, particularly the bones. The beams pass through the body, absorbed in various amounts, based on the density of the body material. The beams produce the images, with dense body structures such as bones appearing white, with less dense materials appearing black or grey. 

At Insite Radiology, our board-certified radiologists evaluate the results of X-ray images. They are onsite to serve you at our private imaging center in St. Johns Town Center, the heart of luxury shopping and dining in Jacksonville.

When are X-rays ordered by your doctor?

Your medical provider may request X-rays to detect the source of pain or discomfort or monitor the progress of a health condition. Your medical provider may have ordered X-rays to monitor osteoporosis, detect a bone fracture, calcification, tumors or masses, pneumonia, or a mammogram, which uses X-ray technology to detect breast cancer. However, not all X-ray systems are alike, and the technology continues to advance.

Insite Radiology

Insite Radiology: Advanced X-ray systems

At Insite Radiology, we have taken an entirely fresh approach to image tests. We have equipped our private, luxury center in Jacksonville Town Center with the most advanced technology available, including our X-ray systems. Our goal is to ensure patient safety, comfort, and make the experience of undergoing an X-ray test easy to experience.

Why choose Insite Radiology for your X-rays?

At Insite Radiology in Jacksonville, you have the unique opportunity to undergo X-ray testing in comfort, under the care of some of the most qualified and experienced, board-certified radiologists in the state. Your experience will be entirely different than you expect. Our architecturally-inspired building is welcoming and is built to provide an aesthetic atmosphere of comfort and care.

Our radiologists are tech-savvy, and fellowship-trained at elite institutions, including Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and Mayo Clinic. Our physician-owned and operated practice offers the latest advancements in imaging technology, above and beyond the industry standard, with cloud-based technology to allow instant transmission of the images. Our doctors are onsite to serve you and evaluate test results. We recognize that advanced technology is important, but above all, great doctors make the difference. We invite you to discover a fresh approach to undergoing X-rays, MRI, CT scans, and other imaging tests – where you matter.


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